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Workstation Setup – Upgraded!!!!

I originally posted about my work environment and providing a quality place to work from here: 

Original Post

I spent some time evaluating this and decided it could be greatly improved so I remodeled the ole’ office.  Below are the pictures from the final product.  Now it’s time to write some code!!!!

My work station 

  • 8 Core desktop 16 GB Ram, SSD, 23” monitors
  • Surface Pro 128 – 23” and 19” monitors
  • Mouse without Borders to share keyboard and mouse
  • 32” HD TV for background noise Smile
  • Standing Floor  Fan to blow the hot air (me or the computers???) out of the office


Floating Shelves


Server Closet / Standing Desk – I now have a standing desk I can use to alternate between sitting and standing.  It



I set up the wife and kids on the other side.  They are all so much happier now. 



New Fan and Curtains installed


Kids Area (why yes – that is a Lego PC I built)


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